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 Yoga Teacher Training Course

(All our trainings are in Spanish)

formacion yoga bcn

The Yoga Training Course offers a personalized, creative and inspirational space where you can deepen into your yoga practice and your self-awareness.

If you want to go further into your practice, and learn different aspects of it but are not interested in becoming a teacher just yet, this is the course for you. This course is essentially the part of the Teacher Training Course that does not involve teaching, therefore it will take place on the same weekends of the TTC but with a reduced number of hours and price.You can also sign up to independent modules if you are interested in a particular subject.
You always have the option of taking the part of the training regarding teaching yoga later on.


Hatha Vinyasa Yoga combines conscious breathing in connection with movement,  fluidity and calmness, physical and energetic alignment and a meditative mind . 
Besides, there will be complementary practices as Yin Yoga, vedic chant, Yoga Nidra...
We celebrate diversity, we teach from a non dogmatic view  and we adapt the practices to the practioner needs  in the different moments of the day,  life and path. 

What will you learn

formacion yoga barcelona-Practice of Hatha Yoga techniques: asanas, kriyas, bandhas, mudras, pranayama and meditation.
-Theory and techniques of Hatha Yoga: how to do with saftely techniques, the position and action to find the integrity, healthy alignment, adaptation to personal differences, habitual patterns of tension and postural imbalances and how they affect the positions...
-Anatomy and biomechanic: understanding the function of body and movement, anatomy applied to techniques and sequences of classes. Energetic anatomy (yogic and chinese medicine).
-Philosophies, history, ethics and spirituality of the yoga. 
-Yoga psychology, the yoga and the mind, svadhyana (self-knowledge).
-How to develop your vinyasa practice sequences in a creative, balanced and safe way.
-Introduction to Ayurveda.

The course includes

- More than 180 contact hours.
-Illustrated manual and other support material to study at home. Yoga sequences to practice on your own. Video library of asanas.
-Unlimited access to regular classes (depending on fee).

formacion secuencias yoga

Who's this course for

All yoga practitioners with an intensive practice (of 1 or 2 years depending on regularity) who want to deepen into their practice. 


Our training teachers are devoted yogis and professionals with great experience. Every aspect-topics of the will be lead by expecialiced teachers in the field. To know them better , click here.

Calendar - Fees

Registration open for October19- June 2020.
Our couse usually fills up in August.

To start the registration  FILL OUT OUR INTERVIEW