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We offer different level classes so everyone can learn at their own rithm. Our teaching is personalised and in every class we offer variations of every practice and asana so they are suitable for everyone.

Open Level

Most of our classes are “open level” which means the class is for any level. These are general classes where modifications are given to the beginners and variations to the more advanced practitioners, adapting the practice to all levels.

Level 1  – Beginners

Level 1 classes are basic, perfect for beginners and anybody who would like to review and understand the fundamentals of the practice.

If you are new to Yoga, our Level 1 classes are ideal for you. You can also attend any other open level classes. The teacher will help you through the first few sessions with anything you need and little by little you’ll adjust to the rythm of the classes. Besides, you can also attend our beginner courses and workshops “Understanding yoga fundamentals”  that are offered regularly on Saturdays.

Level 2

Level 2 classes are more challenging and are not suitable/adequate for beginners. It is required at least one year of practice before starting level 2 classes. However, asana modifications and variations are also given in these classes to adapt the practice to everybody. That’s why you don’t need to be “superflexible” or “superstrong” to attend level 2 classes. You just need a positive attitude, an open mind and the capacity to rest or modify asanas if you need to. Besides asanas, these classes include some kriyas (cleansing techniques), pranayamas (breathing techniques) and-or meditation.