Regular practice Payments 

BOOKING in our website is needed to participate in any practice. 

•As a member of our school, you have two payment options: monthly/quarterly fees or vouchers.

FEES offer a more aqqurate price due to the compromise of the members with our school and the practice. 

-Monthly fees have to be paid through bank account domiciliation or through the web page.
In both cases the monthly payment will be automatic and have to be cancelled within the 10 days before the next month begins. As it is a recuring membership, you can schedule and book the practices you wish to assist in advanced and therefore, make sure you have a place. 

-Quarterly fees can be paid through bank account domiciliation or through the web page and they are allways reffered to 3 consecutive months accounting from the starting day. If any member needs a different configuration of the membership (holidays...) he/she should communicate with the school before paying the fee. 

- All fees: 

·Non taken practices will not be discounted. 
·If a member cannot assist a booked class, it has to be cancelled through the web page within the 2 previous hours. 
·You can retrieve a practice only during the same month, IF it has been cancelled in the webpage with anticipation.

• Vouches, are perfect if you don't want to compromise with regular assistance.

-Practices need to be book through the website. 
-If a member cannot assist any booked practice, the class needs to be cancelled in the web page minimum within the 2 previous hours, otherwise the class will count as used.