Yoga Trainings and Yoga Teacher Trainings

Yoga & Yoga Barcelona counts on broadly experienced professionals, specialized devoted yogis who offer you different highly qualified yoga trainings and yoga teacher trainings.

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Training (200h)

Our personalized, creative and inspiring space allows you to deepen into yourself and into your hatha vinyasa yoga practice. By learning from your experience, from all the necessary tools given and the knowlege assimilation, you will be able to safely and professionally lead, adapt and transmit your own way such a wonderful practice like yoga. 

With this training, you will get an internationally recognised professional certificate as a Yoga Teacher. Our school is registered with Yoga Alliance ( For more information

Yoga Teacher Training level 2 (+300h)

Our advanced teacher training offers you the space to further deepen into your yoga practice and teaching experience. We want to give students the opportunity to specialize in a field. That is why the training consists of some mandatory central modules and other optional modules. This way you have freedom to design your own training and start to specialize in what most interests you, or to get to know different aspects of yoga to be able to choose what you would like to focus on. For more information

Yin Yoga Training

It offers a theoretical approach and a deepening into the Yin Yoga practice.

Yin Yoga is an introspective and profound practice that leads the way to meditation. It teaches you how to relax your body and mind, to release all the tension heavily accumulated  in the connective tissue, the fascia (ligaments, tendons, joints, and bones), with a lot of benefits at a physical, energetic, mental and emotional level. For more information

Vedic Chant Training

The Vedic chant is the traditional way to sing Veda (holy book of Hinduism) and is composed of Sanskrit mantras. Dating from about 3500 years, they were transmitted orally and in its original form from masters to disciples until present days. The correct pronunciation is vital because Vedas says that Vedic mantras must be sung in a specific and concrete way to be able to cause a benefic effect on us. For more information

The art of adjusting Asana Training

“The art of adjusting” training module consists of a theoretical and a practical part regarding the adjustments and communication with students through our hands. We will touch different bodies to understand the difference of an identical adjustment and an identical posture withing the singularity of each person. Among the participants and inside the room there will be a “non-violent communication” and a constructive feedback. For more information

The art of Sequencing Training

In the training ´The Art of Sequencing’ we will deep in ‘Vinyasa Krama’, indicated sequences and progression toward a goal step by step. The background goal of each yoga practice is to get closer of a yogic and sattvic state (balanced, pure). Starting and maintaining this goal as transversal, each concrete sequence may have different goals: a concrete group of poses, a specific part of the body, build a concrete pose, an energetic quality, an attitude… For more information

Somatic Experiencing and Yoga

Somatic experiencing considers feelings, movement and consciousness the main focus of the learning process, challenging the ability of self-observation as the source of knowledge over oneself and the world. Can your sensory and personal experience build up knowledge? Yes.
How can you develop your ability of listening to your own body with a sensorimotor approach to grow a nourishing and safe yoga practice that can unfold your life potential?For more information

Nidra Yoga Training

More information