Yoga Teacher Training Level 2 (+300h)

Our advanced teacher training offers you the space to further deepen into your yoga practice and teaching experience. We want to give students the opportunity to specialize in a field. That is why the training consists of some mandatory central modules and other optional modules. This way you have freedom to design your own training and start to specialize in what most interests you, or to get to know different aspects of yoga to be able to choose what you would like to focus on.

This structure made of independent modules allows you to choose the sessions you are interested in or to undertake the whole training. It also gives you the freedom to start whenever you feel yoga formacion barcelona ready and finish at your own pace.

You can get to know our philosophy and methodology in our basic 200h training page or, if you prefer, contact us to ask for more information.

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The training has a duration of at least one year and a half, but it can be as long as you like as you can undertake the modules at your own pace. The hours of training at the school are 270 in total and the remaining 30 hours will be covered with assignments and homework. There will be a final exam once the 300h are completed.


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The complete level 2 training is addressed to teachers. Minimum requirements include a basic TTC of 200h and 3-4 years of regular practice. Dedicated yoga practitioners who are not teachers are welcome to some of the modules. Ask us for information if interested.
To book your place fill up our APPLICATION and attach the information about your TTC 200h. We will contact you in max 3 workdays, if you do not receive any mail, please get in contact with us.


Our teachers are all dedicated yogis and professionals with a lot of experience. Each part of the training is taught by a teacher specialized in that field. Get to know our TEACHERS HERE.

CertificationS01 YA SCHOOL RYS 300

Our teacher training is certified by Yoga Alliance (Y.A) +300h, therefore it can be added to your basic 200h TTC to complete the 500h teacher training. Modules can also be taken independently and you will be given a certificate from the school for each one. All hours are valid for the accreditation of the Generalitat. To understand more about certifications and yoga training regularizations read here.


The modules regarding the same topic, labeled as 1-2, have to be taken in this order and, in some cases, together. The modules labeled as A-B-C can be taken in any order.


Central modules consist of a total of 150 hours spread over 8 weekends and 2 four-day retreats and include:

NATURE RETREAT A-B: practice, svadyana, energetic anatomy, meditation…with Rocío Ramos and invited teachers (45 hours)

THE ART OF ADJUSTING ASANA A-B-C: Alignment, observing and adjusting with Rocío Ramos (42 hours)

THE ART OF SEQUENCING 1-2: Vinyasa Karma with Rocío Ramos (24 hours) (*1)

THE ART OF TRANSMITTING 1-2: language, teaching demonstration and practice with Rocío Ramos (24 hours) (*2)

One of the optional PHILOSOPHY MODULES (15 hours)


The optional modules have to cover at least 120 hours over 7 or 8 weekends and include:

YIN YOGA 1-2-3 with Mariona Royo (60 hours)

SOMATIC EXPERIENCING 1: body awareness for yoga with Vika Kleiman (15 hours)

formacion yoga avanzada


PARTNER YOGA 1 (15 hours)



PHILOSOPHY C: VEDIC CHANTING 1 with Alicia Corral (15 hours)

AYURVEDA for yoga 1 (15 hours)

We will continue developing and offering new modules for you to be able to keep training and deepening into what you like….

Calendar Yoga Training Level 2 


26-27 Enero 19 -EL ARTE DE AJUSTAR 1 15h central Rocío Ramos plazas disponibles
23-24 Febr 19 -EL ARTE DE AJUSTAR 2 15h central Rocío Ramos plazas disponibles
23-24 marzo 19 -EL ARTE DE AJUSTAR 3 15h central Rocío Ramos plazas disponibles
13-14 Abril 19 -YOGA RESTAURATIVO 1 15h optativo Marta Puig plazas disponibles
4-5 Mayo 19 -YOGA RESTAURATIVO 2 15h optativo Marta Puig plazas disponibles
25-25 Mayo 19 -YOGA RESTAURATIVO 3 15h optativo Marta Puig plazas disponibles