Teacher Training Certificate

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So far, an official international regularization of the profession of a yoga teacher does not exist. That is why many associations were created in order to determine the basic requirements for a teacher to be considered qualified.
Yoga & Yoga Barcelona and our Yoga Teacher Training is registered with Yoga Alliance (Y.A.), which is among the firsts and most prestigious international organizations.
There are about 2500 facilities around the world registered with them.
Their standards are the basic 200h teacher training and the advanced one, which consists of 500h (200h + 300h advanced).

A Yoga Alliance Certificate is necessary to be able to work in any yoga studio in the United States and is widely recognized as a standard among the yoga schools in Europe and Asia. To see our Yoga Alliance registration page click here.

OUR BASIC TEACHER TRAINING – has been certified by Yoga Alliance since 2012/2013.

OUR LEVEL 2 TEACHER TRAINING – is certified by “Yoga Alliance +300h”. In order to receive a +300h certificate you need to be in possession of a Y.A. 200h certificate and attend the 300h of training with us (both have to be taken at the same yoga school). The certificate will be given to the students once they complete the 300 hours of training, the exams and the homework. 
If you decide to complete the modules on a standalone basis and your previous training is not registered with Y.A., you will receive the school certificate, not the Yoga Alliance one.
To be able to register with Yoga Alliance, both your certifications have to be Y.A.

S01 YA SCHOOL RYS 300The government has started a process of regularization to standardize the yoga training (FP-Formación Profesional). This new regularization requires 550 certified hours of training (390 hours of yoga + 40 hours of first aid + 120 hours of practice), as well as a training facility with requirements quite difficult to achieve for a yoga studio.
To this day, the government is not issuing any official certification as the regularization only exists in theory in the BOE but they do not have the resources to make it happen.

In Catalonia, every so often they issue the Acreditaciones de la Generalitat, to regulate your certification and experience. Our courses will be useful for you to be able to prove your level of training when requesting this accreditation. A minimum of 300h is required, to which you will have to add a first aid training and three years of experience.

In our experience, the most important thing to be a teacher is to have a good, regular practice as well as to keep studying and training and ultimately to specialize in a specific aspect you are passionate about.