Juan Almirall

JUANGraduated in Law and in Philosoohy. Lawyer and Doctor in Philosophy, Hatha Yoga and Yogakala teacher.

After two trips to Egypt I started studying Philosophy and the development of Western Philosophy. I taught Greek Philosophy at the Egyptian Museum and as part of the MA in Clasical Studies at the University of Barcelona. I founded and worked as a librarian at the Rosacruz Foundation Library in Barcelona, which focuses on Mysticism and Western Hermeticism. I pursued further the studies of Mystique and Spirituality of the West, Hermeticism, Alchemy and Kabbalah. My interest in Eastern cultures arose following my first trip to India in 2003. I started studying Yoga with the Iyengar method and I completed a Teacher Training course in Yogakala with Upendra Arya. I studied Sanskrit and the Vedic Culture at the University of Barcelona. I took many initiatory trips to India during which I had the opportunity to visit different ashrams. At the moment I am studying Tibetan Buddhism and I am member of the Theosophical Society.